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Have a question about Virtual Virginia? Browse or search our Support Center articles, which include frequently asked questions about course registration, grades, account creation, and more.

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Email address requirements

Please note the requirements below for student and parent/guardian email addresses in the Genius SIS. Student Email Addresses Parent/Guardian Email Addresses

Fee-Based Enrollments: 2-Day Deadline to Choose Payment Type

When enrolling students in VVA courses, the counselor, school coordinator, or division coordinator of record should regularly check the Payment Queue for the addition of any fee-based enrollments and choose a payment type for the enrollments (i.e., credit card or invoice). If a payment type has not been identified in the Payment Queue within two calendar days, enrollments on the Payment […]

How to assign a different mentor to a student

To assign a different mentor to a student in Genius SIS:

How to create a mentor account

To create a mentor account in the Genius SIS:

How to create a Parent Auditor Account

A Parent Auditor Account enables parents/guardians, via the Genius SIS, to access teacher contact information, monitor student login activity, and view course grades. To view if a Parent Auditor Account already exists for a student, follow these instructions. If a Parent Auditor Account does not already exist for a student, please do the following to create one: […]

How to create a student account

Before you can enroll a student, that student must have an account in Genius SIS. If the student has an account but is affiliated with another school, ask the VVA registrar ([email protected]) to change the student’s affiliation. You will not be able to create a duplicate account.  Virginia public school students can only be enrolled with […]

How to create an account for the local school (affiliation)

In the Genius SIS, the “affiliation” refers to the local school from which a student is enrolled in VVA courses. All students (with the exception of homeschooled students) are connected to local schools. Before creating a new affiliation, please email [email protected] to verify that you will need to create a new affiliation or an affiliation already exists […]

How to create new staff accounts for a school (affiliation)

The school counselor or school/division coordinator manages VVA staff accounts for a school. Before requesting or creating a new account, please review the staff accounts for your affiliation (school) by following the instructions below: If an individual’s account already exists, provide them with their VVA username and ask them to use the “recover password” link […]

How to create student accounts in bulk

To create Virtual Virginia student accounts in bulk for K–12 instruction, follow the directions below. This process must be completed by the local school counselor or division coordinator via the Virtual Virginia student information system (SIS). Please ask your SIS data manager to provide you with a CSV file containing the information for your students based […]

How to deactivate a Parent/Guardian Auditor Account

Parent/guardian auditor accounts must be deactivated by Virtual Virginia. Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

How to deactivate staff accounts for a school (affiliation)

When school (affiliation) staff retire or are no longer associated with an affiliation, it is important to deactivate their accounts to protect sensitive student information. Counselors and school/division coordinators may deactivate mentor accounts by following the instructions below: Counselor, school/division coordinator, and principal accounts must be deactivated by Virtual Virginia. Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

How to document student accommodations

Counselors/coordinators should document and annually update student accommodations (such as an IEP, a 504 plan, etc.) in the Virtual Virginia SIS. This will ensure that VVA instructors have access to student accommodation information in a secure environment. To document or update a student’s accommodations, follow these steps:

How to enroll a student in a course

Ensure that all of the following have been created prior to any course enrollments: Remember that a student must already have an account in Genius SIS before that student can be enrolled in a course. Important: Do not enroll the same student in multiple terms for the same course (for example, enrolling a student J. Smith in the fall block, […]

How to generate a summary student attendance report

Mentors, counselors, and school/division coordinators of record can pull summary attendance reports by following these steps:

How to make a payment with a Parent/Guardian Auditor Account

To make an enrollment fee payment using your Parent Auditor Account, follow the instructions below:

How to manage the account of a student who has graduated

The “Alumni” status in the Genius SIS is reserved only for students who have graduated from high school. To set a student’s status to Alumni, follow these instructions on to update the student’s account. Never set a student’s status to Alumni unless they have completed grade 12 and graduated. Otherwise, if a student moves to […]

How to request enrollment changes (start dates, meeting times, course withdrawals)

Schools/divisions may request the following types of Virtual Virginia enrollment changes via the VVA student information system (SIS): Follow the instructions below to make enrollment change requests.

How to retrieve a lost or forgotten VVA password

If you lose or forget your VVA password, follow these instructions: If successful, you will see your VVA dashboard! Remember to keep your new password private so that your VVA account will remain secure.

How to retrieve a student’s username

To retrieve student login credentials: If you have questions or problems, please contact VVA Support at [email protected].

How to retrieve course grades (grades K–5)

K–5 grade reports provide extensive details on student progress toward academic standards as well as an earned numerical grade for each core content area (Math, Reading, Writing/LA, Social Studies, Science, STEM). Interim progress reports will be emailed out to parents/guardians and counselors/division coordinators twice during each semester (in September, November, February, and April). The interim […]