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Curriculum Development

The needs of students constantly evolve as they learn the skills and knowledge to be successful after their K–12 education. Virtual Virginia embraces the creation and revision process needed to design effective courses for students across the Commonwealth and beyond.

Sample Lessons

Preview lesson content from a variety of VVA courses.

Canis and model of Rome

Latin: Useful Abbreviations

Survey of World Languages

Students explore Latin abbreviations used in everyday English, such as “a.m.” and “etc.” This course also includes lessons in Chinese, French, and Spanish.

Flora Fox and a pile of coins

Identifying Coins

Mathematics, Grade 1

Students learn how to recognize the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter in U.S. currency and the value of each in cents.

A person writing in a notebook

Improving Introductions & Conclusions

AP English Language & Composition

Students learn the keys to writing attention-grabbing introductions and memorable conclusions.

A house damaged by a hurricane

Human Impact on Coasts

Earth Science II: Oceanography

This lesson focuses on the effects that construction and other types of human activity have on beaches and coastlines.

Emilio Eagle and the Statue of Liberty

United We Stand

Social Studies, Grade 3

This lesson highlights how American people come from diverse ethnic and national origins and are united by basic shared principles.

Curriculum Process

Learn more about how we develop courses in our interactive Curriculum Process Guide below.