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Account Help & Tech Support

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The VVA Support team is available to help with Virtual Virginia-related account and technology issues.

Hours of operation
  • Regular hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (M–F)
  • Summer Session: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. (M–F)

Consult our Support Center articles, which includes answers to frequently asked questions and more.


Technology Requirements

View all VVA technology requirements in the Virtual Virginia Handbook.

VVA Data Policy

As a trusted partner of schools and school divisions, Virtual Virginia (VVA) is dedicated to protecting students’ personal information and supports the appropriate steps to safeguard student records. VVA maintains a commitment to the protection of personal information and personally identifiable information, as well as a strict adherence to FERPACOPPAPPRA, and IDEA laws. Additionally, VVA is committed to the provisions of the Student Privacy Pledge and the National Data Privacy Agreement.

VVA only receives the personal information of students and parents/guardians that is needed to provide online instruction and support. To the extent COPPA applies, the school or division provides VVA with any necessary consent on behalf of students’ parents/guardians to permit use of data.

VVA does not accept, retain, use, or share students’ personal information, except as necessary for authorized instructional purposes and at the direction of VVA’s school partners and school division partners. Without limitation, this means that:

  • VVA does not sell students’ personal information (PI).
  • VVA does not permit targeted ads on its platforms and does not use PI to serve targeted ads on other services. 
  • VVA does not use or disclose information collected through its services for any targeted advertising purposes.
  • VVA does not use PI to build a profile of a student other than in support of authorized instructional purposes.