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Virtual Virginia offers online professional learning opportunities for all Virginia public school educators at no cost. VVA’s fully online professional learning opportunities include webinars, courses, certifications, workshops, conferences, and the VVA Professional Learning Network.

"The Perfect Blend" 2023 Blended Learning Conference

Revisiting the Blended Learning Conference

Educators can now “return” to the 2023 Blended Learning Conference through VVA’s free professional learning course “The Perfect Blend,” which features recordings of the sessions on meaningful blended learning experiences.

Free Teacher Workshop: Observing with Your Sketchbook

Teachers, harness your creativity for any classroom in the free workshop “Observing with Your Sketchbook,” worth 5 hours of professional learning.

A person drawing in a sketchbook
A person using a shovel to dig in a garden

Digging Deeper: 10-Hour Professional Learning Course

Educators, roll up your sleeves this spring and enroll in the free course “Digging Deeper: Cultivating Your Blended Learning Knowledge, Part 2,” worth 10 hours of professional learning.

Blue Skies Blended Learning Workshop Series

Free Professional Learning Workshops

Virtual Virginia invites educators throughout the state this spring to the Blue Skies Blended Learning Workshop Series, where they can learn best practices in blended learning by utilizing the VVA Statewide Learning Management System (LMS) and other educational technology for in-person learning.

"Blue Skies Blended Learning Workshop Series" on a blue sky illustration
Statewide LMS Success

Level Up Your Digital Instruction Skills

Level up your skills in using the Statewide LMS for online and blended education! This program provides structured, role-specific pathways to learn about and master the Canvas LMS.