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Inclement Weather Policy

Virtual Virginia’s Inclement Weather Policy applies to K–12 courses taught by VVA instructors.

  • Virtual Virginia does not close due to inclement weather, even if a local school or division closes due to inclement weather.
  • Virtual Virginia K–12 instruction will continue according to the VVA academic calendar.
  • Scheduled synchronous instruction may be replaced with asynchronous instruction if the inclement weather is predicted to be widespread and impact numerous schools or divisions across the Commonwealth.
  • If a school or division is closed and a student is able to log in to their course(s) from home, they should do so and continue to meet deadlines.
  • However, if a student is unable to log in from home during weather-related school closures, VVA instructors will be flexible with deadlines. The student, their parent/guardian, VVA mentor, or school counselor should contact the student’s VVA instructor(s) as soon as possible to explain the situation.