Fee-Based Enrollments: 2-Day Deadline to Choose Payment Type

When enrolling students in VVA courses, the counselor, school coordinator, or division coordinator of record should regularly check the Payment Queue for the addition of any fee-based enrollments and choose a payment type for the enrollments (i.e., credit card or invoice).

If a payment type has not been identified in the Payment Queue within two calendar days, enrollments on the Payment Queue will be removed. Those students then must be enrolled again.

Successful course enrollments will be listed in the academic snapshot on each student’s page in the Genius SIS. To view all of your current enrollments, click the Enrollments tab at the top of the page and then click the Get Data button. All enrollments for each student will appear.

To view your school’s Payment Queue in Genius, click the Payment Queue button in the lefthand navigation.

To make a payment to complete the enrollment process:

  1. Mark the checkbox for each enrollment you wish to complete.
  2. Click the Select Payment Method button.
  3. Select your payment option from the dropdown selector.
    • If you select Credit Card, you will enter your payment information and complete payment online. If online payment is successful, the paid enrollments will be registered in the course. Important: Do not click the “Submit” button more than once when making your payment, and do not refresh the page. This may result in duplicate charges to your card. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email.
    • If you select Invoice, an invoice/agreement will be prepared and sent to your division via email. The selected enrollments will be removed from your payment queue, and enrollment will be complete.
    • If you select To Be Paid by Student, the parent/guardian will be able to pay the fee using their Parent Auditor Account.

To cancel enrollments currently in the payment queue:

  1. Mark the checkbox for each enrollment you wish to cancel.
  2. Click the Cancel Enrollment(s) button. Note: This action will cancel all selected enrollments.