Spring Semester

  • Middle School Art Exploratory

    This course offers students the opportunity to explore basic arts techniques and theory in a variety of media. Students will develop their art skills, learn new studio habits, grow as artists, develop critical thinking skills, expand their creativity, and experiment with art-making using both 2D and 3D media. Students will learn about the nature of […]

  • Family & Consumer Sciences Exploratory II

    This course helps students develop essential knowledge and skills to lead better lives, be career-ready, build strong families, and make meaningful contributions to their communities. Note: Completer sequences and certifications do not apply.  This CTE course aligns with Virginia’s required student tasks and competencies for Family and Consumer Sciences Exploratory II.

  • Career Investigations

    This course allows students to explore career options and begin investigating career opportunities. Students assess their roles in society, identify their roles as workers, analyze their personal assets, complete a basic exploration of career clusters, select career pathways or occupations for further study, and create an Academic and Career Plan based on their academic and […]

  • Agriscience Exploration (Grade 7)

    In this course, students explore science as it relates to agriculture and develop an understanding of human relations, communication, the importance of agriculture to the economy, and key scientific terms related to the field of agriculture. Note: Completer sequences and certifications do not apply. This CTE course aligns with Virginia’s required student tasks and competencies for Agriscience […]

  • Make It Your Business

    Students in this course design, establish, and operate a small-group or class business, producing a service or product that meets an identified school or community need. Emphasis is placed on the introduction and application of business terminology, basic entrepreneurship concepts, and fundamental business principles. Basic academic skills (mathematics, science, English, and history/social science) are integrated […]

  • Trigonometry

    Trigonometry focuses on the relationships of angles on a coordinate graph. Students will identify and use connections between right triangle ratios, trigonometric functions, and circular functions. This course will provide the needed material to finish preparing a student to continue in upper-level mathematics courses like Pre-Calculus and Calculus. Note: Students planning on enrolling in an Algebra […]

  • Personal Finance

    Personal Finance is a challenging, engaging course that presents concepts to help students interpret daily news and anticipate how financial decisions will impact their lives. Note: If taking this course, please note that the half-credit Economics course is also required to fully satisfy the graduation requirement for Economics and Personal Finance. This half-credit course covers the Personal […]

  • AP Macroeconomics

    AP Macroeconomics is a college-level course that focuses on how the whole economy behaves, including regional, national, and global markets. Much of what students will study in AP Macroeconomics is the theory of economics and the effects of economic decisions made in these markets. Please note that this is a 0.5 credit course. Students generally […]