Spring Semester (Dual Enrollment)

  • Comparative Mythology (Dual Enrollment HUM 256)

    This dual enrollment course requires students to study the cultural expressions of mythology. The course considers selected mythologies representing diverse global cultures, with emphasis on parallels and divergences in structure, purpose, and representation in literature and the arts. The assignments in this course require college-level reading, analysis of scholarly studies, and coherent communication through properly cited and…

  • Intermediate Spanish II (Dual Enrollment SPA 204)

    In this dual enrollment course, students will continue to develop cultural awareness, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in the Spanish language, with an emphasis on complex sentence structures. Classes may be conducted in Spanish. This course is the second part of a two-course sequence with Intermediate Spanish I (Dual Enrollment SPA 203). This is a UCGS…

  • College Composition II (Dual Enrollment ENG 112)

    This dual enrollment course further develops students’ ability to write for academic and professional contexts with increased emphasis on argumentation and research. Requires students to evaluate, integrate, and document print and digital sources to produce a range of academic and multimodal texts, culminating in a fully documented research paper. This course requires proficiency in using…

  • U.S. Government & Politics (Dual Enrollment PLS 135)

    In this dual enrollment course, students will learn the political structure, processes, institutions, and policymaking of the U.S. national government. The course focuses on the three branches of government, their interrelationships, and how they shape policy. The course also addresses federalism, civil liberties, civil rights, political socialization, political participation, public opinion, the media, interest groups,…

  • United States History Since 1865 (Dual Enrollment HIS 122)

    This dual enrollment course introduces the history of the United States from 1865 to the present. Course content includes major political, social, and economic developments since 1865, overseas expansion, the two world wars, the Cold War, and the post-Cold War era. This is a Passport and UCGS Transfer course.

  • Art Appreciation (Dual Enrollment ART 100)

    This dual enrollment course introduces art from prehistoric times to the present day. Students will learn about architectural styles, sculpture, photography, printmaking, and painting techniques. The course highlights major artists and key contributions from global and Western culture. The course covers content chronologically and/or thematically. This is a Passport and UCGS Transfer course.

  • Software Design (Dual Enrollment ITP 100)

    This dual enrollment course introduces principles and practices of software development. The course includes instruction in critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and essential programming logic in structured and object-oriented design using contemporary tools. This course helps meet the requirements of the Career Studies Certificate in Cybersecurity and Network Foundations.

  • Network Security Basics (Dual Enrollment ITN 260)

    This dual enrollment course provides instruction in the basics of network security in depth. The course covers security objectives, security architecture, security models and security layers, risk management, network security policy, and security training. Students will learn the five security keys: confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability, and auditability. This course helps meet the requirements of the…

  • Personal Computer Hardware & Troubleshooting (Dual Enrollment ITN 107)

    This dual enrollment course includes specially designed instruction to give the student a basic knowledge of hardware and software configurations. The course includes the installation of various peripheral devices as well as basic system hardware components. This course helps meet the requirements of the Career Studies Certificate in Cybersecurity and Network Foundations.

  • Microcomputer Operating Systems (Dual Enrollment ITN 106)

    This dual enrollment course teaches use of operating system utilities and multiple-level directory structures, creation of batch files, and configuration of microcomputer environments. The course may include a study of graphical user interfaces. This course helps meet the requirements of the Career Studies Certificate in Cybersecurity and Network Foundations.