• What are the responsibilities of the school and school division?

    Students who are enrolled in and attending a Virginia public school may enroll in a Virtual Virginia course with prior approval of the local school, and must be enrolled by a local school counselor or other school-assigned designee. The local school, and school division agree to provide a local school counselor, local mentor teacher, all […]

  • Do full-time students work from home or school?

    Virtual Virginia courses may be accessed at any time from any place that has a computer with internet access. The decision to allow students to take courses from home or an alternative location is a decision made by their local public school; students and families should work with their local public school to determine the […]

  • What are the responsibilities of the school and school division for a full-time VVA student?

    For all Virtual Virginia courses, local schools must provide a local school counselor, a local mentor, all student services, and an adequate study area, and ensure access to computers, high-speed internet, headphones with microphones, a telephone, as well as other required hardware and software, as outlined in the Technology Handbook. Any required textbooks and lab materials […]