What are the responsibilities of the school and school division?

Students who are enrolled in and attending a Virginia public school may enroll in a Virtual Virginia course with prior approval of the local school, and must be enrolled by a local school counselor or other school-assigned designee. The local school, and school division agree to provide a local school counselor, local mentor teacher, all student services, and all counseling services for each student enrolled in a Virtual Virginia course. In addition, schools and school divisions must provide an adequate study area, access to computers, high-speed internet access, a scanner, headphones with microphones, a telephone, as well as other required hardware and software. Textbooks, course-specific materials, and general supplies must also be purchased and are not paid for by the Virginia Department of Education. Schools are strongly encouraged to order textbooks, materials, and supplies early so that students have everything necessary on the first day of class. View the required supplies for grades K–5 and grades 6–12

The enrolling school remains responsible for all student services (including but not limited to 504, IEP, ELL, Occupational Therapy, and Speech services). Gifted programming is determined by the enrolling school. Students enrolled in VVA courses retain membership in the enrolling division; they apply for free- or reduced-price meals through their enrolled school division’s application and approval process and are served via local processes that vary by division.