How to update the counselor of record

You may update the school’s counselor of record in the VVA Genius SIS in one of two ways:

If the current counselor of record is still available to make changes:

  1. The current counselor of record must do both of the following:
  2. Email [email protected] to request that the new counselor’s role be assigned as the counselor of record for the school.
    • If the replaced counselor of record will continue to be a user in the VVA Genius SIS, please let us know what role to reassign to that user. The replaced counselor’s account will remain active unless a deactivation request is sent.

If the current counselor is no longer available (e.g., they have left the school or retired), then the current school/division coordinator or principal of record must email [email protected] to request a new counselor of record. Please include the new counselor’s name and email address (and, if they are currently a mentor in the VVA Genius SIS, their mentor username).