Summer Session Cohort 2 (Credit Recovery)

  • Earth Science I

    Studying something as large and complicated as the Earth is quite an undertaking. In order to make it manageable, this course is divided into the scientific areas of geology, meteorology, astronomy, and oceanography. Each of these areas of study helps scientists understand the activity and make-up of our planet. In this course, students will use […]

  • Algebra, Functions, and Data Analysis

    This course is considered a bridge to Algebra II, as it builds upon the student’s understanding of Algebra I skills in preparation for the skills taught in Algebra II. Within the context of mathematical modeling and data analysis, students will study functions and their behaviors, systems of inequalities, probability, experimental design and implementation, and analysis […]

  • Geometry

    This course extends the skills and concepts taught in Algebra I through the study of plane and solid figures. Topics include a review of real numbers, segment and angle measurement, angle relationships, logic, proofs, reasoning, parallel and perpendicular lines, right triangles, trigonometry, quadrilaterals, convex polygons, tessellations, circles, constructions, coordinate geometry, area, similarity, and volume. This […]

  • Algebra II

    In Algebra II, a thorough treatment of advanced algebraic concepts will be provided through the study of functions, equations, inequalities, systems of equations, polynomials, rational and radical equations, complex numbers, and sequences and series. The course emphasizes a transformational approach to graphing functions, using translation, reflection, dilation, and rotation to generate a “family of functions” from […]

  • Algebra I

    Algebra I covers the first level of solving and graphing algebraic equations/inequalities in one or two variables, function behavior and notation, quadratic functions, exponent rules, operations with polynomials, and basic data analysis. This course aligns with the Virginia Standards of Learning for Algebra I.

  • Virginia & U.S. History

    The goal of this course is to provide an overview of Virginia and United States history, from exploration and colonization to the present day. The course offers students the opportunity to think about our past in a new way and to better understand how yesterday’s actions will impact the present and future. In addition to preparing […]

  • World History & Geography to 1500 A.D.

    In this course, students take a journey back in time to explore civilizations, world events, and notable people from prehistory through 1500 A.D. The course begins with the Paleolithic time period and the dawn of humankind, then moves to examine ancient river valley civilizations, like Mesopotamia and Egypt, ancient India and China, classical Greece and […]

  • Virginia & U.S. Government

    Virginia & U.S. Government is designed to introduce students to the concepts of government and politics in both the United States and Virginia. As such, it considers foundational elements of the American system: the Constitution and its origins; the party system and related political behaviors and ideologies; various institutions related to government; conceptual origins of […]

  • English 12

    In English 12, students write informative, expository, and persuasive essays and produce a well-documented research paper. During the writing process, students demonstrate their understanding of grammatical conventions and practice techniques for improving their writing style and fluency. A survey of British literature helps students relate to the political, social, and philosophical perspectives of each historical […]

  • English 11

    English 11 is designed to follow the development of American literature from its early beginnings to the contemporary era, including sermons, diaries, speeches, short stories, poetry, novels, and journalism. Students will write a research paper and other persuasive essays and will gain exposure to writing and rhetorical techniques grounded in primary sources and key pieces […]