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Counselor & Coordinator Information

School counselors, division coordinators, and school coordinators are vital to student success and VVA’s partnerships with Virginia public schools and divisions.

Responsibilities include:

  • Promoting the courses available to students through Virtual Virginia
  • Registering students for VVA courses
  • Retrieving grades to record locally for awarding credit
  • Communicating student progress to parents/families or other stakeholders as needed
  • Ensuring that all necessary student services are provided at the local school/division
  • Regularly communicating about students’ needs with VVA instructors
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VVA Handbook

The VVA Handbook provides answers for many of the questions counselors and division/school coordinators may have about Virtual Virginia policies, procedures, and specific programs and courses. We ask that school counselors and division/school coordinators review the handbook and use it for reference as the year progresses.

Handbook contents include:

  • Information about helpful student support services
  • Program and course policies and procedures
  • An outline of local school and division responsibilities