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Two cartoon bears with thumbs up, the VVA logo, and the text Teacher Appreciation Week: Show Your Gratitude!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2024

May 6–10

K–5 students and families can share their gratitude with Virtual Virginia instructors during Teacher Appreciation Week 2024, May 6–10. Do a special something for your VVA instructor(s) on each day during the week!

“May Flowers” Monday

May 6

Let’s shower our teachers with flowers and love! Bring a flower or draw a flower for the start of your classes.

“Gift of Gratitude” Tuesday

May 7

Think about one word that describes your teacher. Get ready to show those whiteboards at the start of your classes!

“What a Year!” Wednesday

May 8

Think about your favorite memory from this school year. Share it in an email or a Canvas LMS message!

“Thank You” Thursday

May 9

Write a “thank you” note to your teachers! You can send this via email or a Canvas LMS message.

“Poetry Jam” Friday

May 10

Write an acrostic poem using the letters of your teacher’s last name. You can share this by email or draw a picture.

What’s an acrostic poem? Here are some instructions (via canva.com).