• What skills do students need to succeed in an online course?

    While VVA students are strongly supported by the instructor and school mentor, students need to be self-motivated so they do not fall behind. Students must be able to stay on task, meet deadlines, and ask for assistance when needed. Some keyboarding skills and knowledge of email and using a web browser are also helpful. Refer…

  • Can a homeschooled student take an AP exam?

    Yes, homeschooled students are eligible to take Advanced Placement exams. However, it is the responsibility of the homeschooling parent to coordinate with a local school. Please review the College Board website   for homeschooled students taking AP exams.

  • Do VVA courses meet NCAA eligibility requirements?

    Courses in grades 9–12 that meet NCAA eligibility requirements include those in the following subject areas: English, math (Algebra I or higher), natural or physical sciences, social sciences, world languages, comparative religion, or philosophy. Courses in other subject areas are not eligible for NCAA credit. Therefore, all VVA courses for grades 9–12 meet NCAA eligibility…