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Can full-time students work at their own pace?

No, students move through the course material at the pace of their cohort (based on their start date). Benchmark due dates are established to ensure that students stay on pace to complete the course by the end of the school year, but students have flexibility between those due dates. All Virtual Virginia courses require that […]

Do full-time students work from home or school?

Virtual Virginia courses may be accessed at any time from any place that has a computer with internet access. The decision to allow students to take courses from home or an alternative location is a decision made by their local public school; students and families should work with their local public school to determine the […]

How do I enroll my child in the full-time program?

Contact your local school counselor to enroll in the full-time program.

How is the full-time program different from the VVA part-time program?

Virtual Virginia’s full-time program offers all required core academic courses and electives necessary to earn a standard or Advanced Studies diploma. Students in grades 6–12 who enroll through their local public school in 10 or more semester-equivalent Virtual Virginia courses are considered full-time students. While some full-time students take their courses outside of the traditional […]

Is there a limit to the number of courses a school may offer or the number of students who can enroll?

Students who enroll through their local public school in five or more Virtual Virginia courses are considered full-time students. Students may enroll in more than five courses at the discretion of the local school counselor.

What are the responsibilities of the school and school division for a full-time VVA student?

For all Virtual Virginia courses, local schools must provide a local school counselor, a local mentor, all student services, and an adequate study area, and ensure access to computers, high-speed internet, headphones with microphones, a telephone, as well as other required hardware and software, as outlined in the Technology section of the VVA Handbook. Any required […]

What happens if the student drops below the five courses that are required to be considered a full-time student?

If a student drops below five courses, they are no longer technically a full-time student, but Virtual Virginia will not withdraw them from their remaining courses.

Will a Virginia public school still get credit for a full-time VVA student for their average daily membership (ADM)?

Yes, if a Virginia public school has approved a student’s full-time participation in Virtual Virginia and has enrolled them, they are considered a student of that public school and, as such, can be counted in the ADM.