01069 World Mythology

EnglishHigh School (9–12)

This course introduces the academic study of mythology through an examination of the role archetypes play in the development of a culture’s spiritual perspective as sources of myths. Literary elements such as symbols, themes, and plots of myths are analyzed, enabling the student to identify common characteristics and patterns in myths originating in various cultures and ancient religions throughout human history. The course explores the myths of the cultures and religions of Norway, Egypt, Africa, Native Americans, Great Britain, Greece, Rome, and China.

This course surveys the various cultures and stories of world mythology. Throughout the course, students dive into several of the oldest mythologies, including those of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Scandinavia. Students also study how mythology has shaped Native American cultures in the United States. Students explore other mythologies through research-based projects, analyze these stories as works of literature and of history, and examine how these stories of mythology have helped to develop other forms of literature, such as legends, fables, and fairy tales.



Course Texts and Materials


  • Students are required to select a choice novel. They are encouraged to select a novel that can be found at their local school library, public library, or via the Internet.
  • All other required resources are included within the course.


Important Considerations for Assigned Readings

Important Considerations for the Content of This Course’s Instructional Materials

Terms Offered

  • Spring Block


  • 1 Credit