04103 U.S. History: 1865 to the Present (Grade 7)

History & Social StudiesMiddle School (6–8)Credit Recovery Option

Students will continue to use skills for historical and geographical analysis as they examine American history since 1865. The standards for this course relate to the history of the United States from the Reconstruction era to the present. Students should continue to develop and build upon the fundamental concepts and skills in civics, economics, and geography within the context of United States history. Students will use investigation as a foundation to delve into the political, economic, and social challenges facing the nation once reunited after the Civil War. This foundation provides a pathway to develop an understanding of how the American experience shaped the world’s political and economic landscapes. The study of history must emphasize the historical thinking skills required for geographic analysis, economic decision making, and responsible citizenship. Students will apply these skills as they extend their understanding of the essential knowledge defined by all of the standards for history and social science.

This course aligns with the Virginia Standards of Learning for U.S. History: 1865 to Present.



Course Texts and Materials

All required resources are included within the course.

Terms Offered

  • Full Year


  • 1 Credit