24343 Latin II

World LanguagesHigh School (9–12)Middle School (6–8)

This course is a continuation of studies begun in Latin I. Students will review and build on skills such as vocabulary, grammar, translation, and culture. Continued emphasis on grammar, vocabulary, and grammatical constructions build on Latin I knowledge. One of the goals in Latin II is true rendering of Latin passages into English that relays the sense of the Latin.

This course aligns with the Virginia Standards of Learning for Latin.


Latin I (required, with a course grade of "C" or higher recommended)

Course Texts and Materials


  • None; all required resources are provided within the course.


  • The Bantam New College Latin & English Dictionary (English and Latin Edition)
    ISBN 976-0-553-59012-8
    ISBN-10: 055359012X
    ISBN-13: 978-0553590128


Important Considerations for the Content of This Course’s Instructional Materials

Terms Offered

  • Full Year
  • Spring Block


  • 1 Credit