24854 American Sign Language III

World LanguagesHigh School (9–12)Middle School (6–8)

In this course, students will build upon the skills that were taught in ASL II and continue to increase their ability to comprehend and respond with increasing accuracy to expressive American Sign Language. ASL III provides advanced instruction in production and comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar, leading to increased communicative and cultural proficiency in ASL. Emphasis is placed on the progressive development of expressive and receptive skills. 

The culture, history, current events, and traditions of the Deaf community are expounded upon through selected readings, visual recordings, and other authentic materials. Visually attending, signing, individual feedback, interactive activities and group activities are designed to instruct, reinforce, connect language skills, and develop signacy. This course includes applications, problem solving, higher-order thinking skills, and performance based and project-based assessments. Students will be able to converse with another student or individuals within the Deaf community with emphasis on appropriate language used in common communication settings.

This course aligns with the Virginia Department of Education’s Framework for Instruction in American Sign Language in Virginia’s Public Schools.


American Sign Language I and American Sign Language II (required)

Course Texts and Materials

All required resources are included within the course.

Terms Offered

  • Full Year
  • Summer Session Cohort 2


  • 1 Credit