24114 AP French Language & Culture

World LanguagesHigh School (9–12)Advanced Placement

AP French provides opportunities for students to communicate in French in real-life settings, while demonstrating an understanding of the culture, incorporating interdisciplinary topics, and comparing their own lives to the lives of native French speakers. In order to be successful, students who enroll in this course must already have a very good command of the French grammar and considerable competence in listening to, reading, speaking, and writing the French language. Throughout the course, students and teachers will communicate completely in French, and advanced activities include in-depth cultural comparisons and persuasive essays.

This course aligns with the College Board’s learning goals for AP French Language and Culture.


French I, French II, French III, and French IV (required). Native speakers of French and advanced students who have completed French III may be assessed for placement.

Course Texts and Materials


  • Thèmes AP French Language and Culture (2016)
    Publisher: Vista Higher Learning
    Print, ISBN-13: 978-1-68004-034-0
    Ebook, ISBN-13: 978-1-68004-030-2

Terms Offered

  • Full Year


  • 1 Credit