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Virtual Virginia Literacy Plan Update

Currently, Virtual Virginia is in the process of evaluating K–5 resources and approved core high-quality instructional materials to be implemented in the K–5 Core Instructional Program in time for the 2024–2025 school year.

Below is VVA’s Virginia Literacy Act (VLA) implementation timeline: 

  • February–April 2024: Develop VVA Literacy Plan vision statement
  • February–April 2024: Formation of Literacy Plan team
  • February–April 2024: Review and selection of K–5 High-Quality Instructional Materials
  • June 2024: Finalize VVA Literacy Plan
  • June–August 2024: Teacher and administrator training
  • August 2024—June 2025: Implementation of VVA Literacy Plan Year 1

By July 1, VVA will develop a literacy plan, ensure the use of an evidence-based literacy curriculum and provide professional development to support VVA teachers, administrators, and staff.


Virtual Virginia students will have equitable opportunities to develop productive literacy skills and effectively communicate their ideas and knowledge through a variety of modalities. 

Priorities and Goals

  1. Implement high-quality instructional materials rooted in science-based reading research and best practices for evidence-based literacy instruction.
  2. Ensure equitable access to learning and targeted instructional support as needed.
  3. Provide students with consistent opportunities to build their vocabulary and knowledge using complex texts on a wide variety of topics.
  4. Consistently engage students in using evidence to understand complex texts and discuss meaning.