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A New Look for Virtual Virginia

Virtual Virginia will start to look a little different very soon!

Throughout the fall, VVA will transition to a new appearance throughout the program, including a new logo, colors, and design. These changes will be reflected in all we do, including the website, the learning management system (LMS), the student information system (SIS), and our various communications. Rest assured that these changes are entirely visual and will not affect the everyday VVA functions you already know and use.

Previous VVA logo transitions to new VVA logo
The current logo (left) will be replaced by the new logo.

Our new look will be incorporated throughout fall 2022 roughly in the order below:

  • Canvas LMS
  • Genius SIS
  • VVA internal communications
  • VVA website and social media
  • VVA external communications

For questions about the transition, email [email protected].