Young girl raising her hand during online instruction

Trailblazers (Grade 5)

Virtual Virginia’s Trailblazers Program is available to full-time students in grade 5 and encourages exploration, self-reliance, and independence in a supportive environment. VVA Trailblazers are motivated learners who receive primarily asynchronous instruction, with required weekly check-ins and small-group instruction.

  • Each student is assigned to a full-time Virtual Virginia teacher of record.
  • Core instruction is provided in math, science, social studies, reading, writing/language arts, and STEM.
  • Students have access to additional instruction in special areas: art, dance, computer science, health & PE, music, and world languages.
  • Students primarily receive asynchronous instruction, with required one-on-one, synchronous check-ins with the teacher and small-group synchronous instruction.
  • Students have daily access to a Q&A HelpDesk for individualized support.
  • Teachers hold regular office hours for parents/guardians.
  • VVA partners with local schools for DPBAs, IEP/504 plans, and ELL plans.

Expectations of Asynchronous Students

For Trailblazers (asynchronous) students in grade 5, attendance is reported based on daily activity in students’ individual VVA course(s) within the learning management system.

Below are the expectations of Trailblazers (asynchronous) students in grade 5:

  1. Watch daily recordings in the Course Video Library.
  2. Students must check in with each of their teachers weekly via:
    • small-group sessions,
    • 1:1 meetings to check for understanding, and
    • either email or phone calls.
  3. Students must stay current with their course pacing and assignments and demonstrate consistent progress. 
  4. Students may set additional 1:1 meetings during the week.
  5. Students not maintaining an overall course grade above 70% or with consistent late work may be assigned a required synchronous meeting time.
  6. Students must log in daily to their course. Attendance will be measured through Canvas and reported via the Virtual Virginia SIS.
  7. Students who drop below 50% for 2 weeks may be assigned additional synchronous meeting times or withdrawn from the course.

For more information about the Trailblazers Program, please contact the VVA Main Office at [email protected].