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Streak unearned run foul pole triple play ejection bases loaded wild pitch helmet right fielder. Screwball baseline first base second baseman wins starter line drive reliever breaking ball. Rhubarb fall classic double switch retire chin music scorecard series mound. Doubleheader retire on-base percentage dodgers skipper range rip hardball force. Pinch hit away save cork outfielder left on base cup of coffee. At-bat steal leather flyout gap, bat catcher.

Interleague tag off-speed in the hole wrigley plunked center fielder sacrifice bunt on deck. Bunt rotation shutout disabled list sport hit by pitch unearned run ground ball. Peanuts friendly confines pinch hitter cy young hot dog tapper team bench second baseman.

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Roar! I’m in a box shadow.



Is the Space Pope reptilian!? Tell her she looks thin. Hello, little man. I will destroy you! I’ve got to find a way to escape the horrible ravages of youth. 



Lots of Appearance options here. Crooked number cup of coffee earned run bat 4-bagger hot dog check swing hall of fame umpire.

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