Click on the course titles below to visit sample lesson pages from Virtual Virginia courses:

  • Economics and Personal Finance -The Virginia Department of Education has
    developed a comprehensive, cutting-edge, online program aligned to the
    Virginia Standards of Learning for Economics and Personal Finance. The
    course includes cartoons, interactive graphics, and myriad interactions
    and assessments that enrich the learning experience and provide
    reteaching opportunities. An overarching simulation also allows students
    to practice their newly acquired skills through characters who make
    economic decisions in a simulated environment.

  • Astronomy - In this sample lesson from Virtual Virginia's Astronomy
    course, the students will learn how knowing the distance to an object
    allows astronomers to infer the size and motion of that object. The
    student will examine 3-D images as well as some interactive images to
    calculate change in distance. In addition, this course utilizes the
    Share the Skies (link to the site at internet
    telescope to image the night sky over Australia.

  • French II - This lesson from French II teaches the student language he
    or she would likely use in a tour of France. The first lesson focuses on
    the student's arrival in the capital city. The student will learn about
    airplane vocabulary, practice using prepositions with geographical
    locations in French, and write an email to a friend about his or her
    first impressions of Paris.

  • World Mythology- This lesson from World Mythology takes the student on a
    journey through Ancient Egypt to meet the significant gods of the
    culture's pantheon and to study major symbols used in the traditions and
    hieroglyphs important to the ancient Egyptian belief system.