When most people think of a high school “class”, they envision a teacher standing in front of 25 students sitting at desks. Learning online through Virtual Virginia is very different. Students learn from Virtual Virginia through an individualized learning environment.


Our web-based courses are built by teams of content area experts, online learning experts, and instructional designers. Course materials include readings, simulations, flash-based interactive practice, video files, and audio files. Our courses meet or exceed all applicable state and national standards, and our Advanced Placement courses have been approved by the College Board.


Our courses are taught by certified teachers who had successful teaching experience in face to face classrooms before being recruited to Virtual Virginia. Our highly-qualified  team of teachers receive extensive training on how to teach effectively online. Our online teachers have two primary roles: managing the online course and working individually with students. As course managers, they set the pacing, score student work, facilitate course discussions, and ensure that students are thoroughly learning the curriculum. Teachers also work with students individually and in small groups through instant messaging, email, phone, and live web conferencing software during posted virtual office hours. Our teachers provide assistance when students have questions, but they also contact students directly to provide encouragement and supplementary customized instruction when needed. 



Students move through the course material at the pace of their cohort/start date. Benchmark due dates are established to ensure that students stay on pace to complete the course by the end of school year, but students have flexibility between those due dates.


Standardized Assessments

Many core courses have required Standards of Learning assessments; in addition, local schools may require other standardized tests. All public school students must register and participate in required assessments at their local school. Advanced Placement courses also have assessments associated with them and all virtual students are encouraged to take the AP exams corresponding to their Virtual Virginia courses.


Students have 24/7 access to engaging, multimedia-rich web content.  They can work on course assignments from any internet accessible location.